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concrete resurfacing

When you get home each day, how do you feel about your home?

First impressions matter.

For most homes the first impression (other than the mailbox) is the front step. Whether you’re improving your home for you or getting ready to sell in a competitive market, resurfacing your steps or porch will give you the curb appeal boost you are looking for.

You’ll replace your beat up, weathered, cracked concrete step with something attractive, durable, and anti-slip, all at a cost that won’t have you running for the hills.

Why Resurface Your Exterior Concrete?

Want to love your steps again? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you aren’t completely satisfied with the way your exterior concrete steps or walkways look.

Perhaps they are showing their age. Maybe your concrete is starting to fall apart or ‘spall’ or crack, and it just doesn’t look like it used to. If you choose to resurface your steps properly, you will add years of life to them. The concrete will be sealed and protected, and it will look fantastic.

By using a system like ours, you will have exterior concrete that is super easy to clean, and blends well with any exterior décor. It’s also way more cost effective than you might think.

The Cheapest, Most Durable Option to Resurface Concrete Steps

What other options are you considering to restore your concrete steps?

Did you know the Garage Kings Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor System is a great alternative to replacing with paver stones or concrete overlays?

This coating is also way more durable than the do-it-yourself products available at your local big box store. Peeling and flaking are two common problems with improperly installed coatings.

Landscaping contractors come to us for the clients that don’t want to spend $3500+ on a stone front step. A typical step can be completed for less than you think and only takes a day or two.

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Questions about Resurfacing Exterior Concrete?

If you’re like most people, you have some questions. Here’s a few you might be asking, and if you don’t see your question here please pick up the phone and call us at 1-888-652-6534 or click here to send us a note!

  • What are my color options?
  • How long should it last?
  • Does it get slippery?
  • Can I do it myself?

Just like our garage floor coatings, when you’re resurfacing your exterior concrete steps or walkways, you have the same choice of our standard neutral blends. Choose grey or beige, light or dark, there’s definitely something here that will work. If you need custom, we can help!

These coatings are designed to hold up to salt, chemicals, forklift traffic, heavy use. As long as your concrete is not falling apart from inside, you can count on enjoying your new step for years!

We include a 5 year adhesion warranty with your exterior concrete resurfacing project. That means your coating will not peel or lift, the most common problem with do-it-yourself installed coatings. Rest assured, if something was going to peel, it will happen within the first 5 years, and we rarely get complaints!

No more than any other exterior concrete. The flake system has built in traction and our installers can also add a clear grit to your top coat!

The coatings we use are industrial grade, and have a short working time. That means once they are mixed you really need to know what you’re doing so you can work quickly without mistakes.

For the price point of a step resurfacing option like ours, we recommend you rely on an experienced installer to complete your project!

Concrete paint doesn’t last on exterior concrete steps

You may already have figured this out. Even paint designed for concrete is destined to fail, peel, chip on exterior walked-on surfaces like concrete steps and walkways.

If you are going to invest in resurfacing your concrete steps or walkways, you owe it to yourself to do it right and do it once. Regardless of what you decide to choose, do your research and find someone committed to use proper prep and a product designed for the constant wear of foot traffic and the elements.

NEVER Use Epoxy for Outside Steps, Porches or Walkways

The sun has a tendency to discolor pretty much everything.

That’s why your hardwood floors seem to age or ‘amber’ over the years.

Epoxy installed outside will discolor, and get brittle, and eventually break down. It is not designed for constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. That’s why our epoxy systems should not be installed outside.

The best, most durable, and long lasting option for resurfacing an exterior step is a polyaspartic coating. It is UV stable and will not breakdown when installed outside. It also looks super awesome.

The Concrete Resurfacing Process?

All you have to do is pick the color.

Your installer will handle the rest and make sure your new coating will last for years.

First Up, Prep is King

Your exterior concrete resurfacing project begins with deep cleaning and diamond as needed.

Cracks are repaired with a 2-part repair compound that is stronger than concrete.

Applying the First Coat and Flakes

When prep is finished, the membrane coat and vinyl flakes are applied. This is a polyaspartic membrane designed to flex with changes in temperature. It is not brittle like epoxy. The vinyl flakes will bond to the first coat – they are thrown in until the bottom coat is no longer visible.

Prepping for the Final Clear Coat

Once the first coat has cured, loose flakes are scraped and removed, and the final clear coat is applied. This is a polyaspartic top coat that is UV stable and designed for heavy traffic. That means your newly refinished concrete steps will last for a long time.

After Project Completion

A project like this is often completed in only 1-2 days.

Once done, wait 24 hours before using your newly resurfaced concrete.

Enjoy the new satisfied feeling you get the next time you see your newly refinished concrete. And every time after that, too.

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